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The Vital Life

Founder - Allira Cohrs

Embodiment Coach

Stress Reduction & Energetic Facilitator, Holistic Wellness Mentor, Breathwork, Yoga & Yoga Nidra, Holistic Practitioner, Mother and Student of life

Energy Faclitator

Bringing back vitality & incorporating alternative therapy treatments to find your energy

Wellness Coaching

The practice of alternative therapies and modalities to provide a holistic healing space

Holistic Practices

A mix of psychology & psychotherapy practices to enable a more holistic approach to health


Connecting clients with their breath and awareness to incorporate all these practices into their lives

Helping You Find a better way to the life you want


The Vital Life is a place to connect, inspire, plug in and rekindle the spirit or entice change. A hub for all things health, wisdom, wellness, spirituality, lifestyle and connection. 

A space to try new things, incorporate natural and ancient remedies, start new rituals, take guidance and inspiration from ancient practices and make them new in your world.

What Is Wellness Coaching?

Needing alignment within your life?

Alignment is the foundation that keeps us in balance. If we are out of alignment with ourselves, we can find we may be potentially stuck in a rut, a negative pattern of behaviour, we have stopped doing the things we love. Alignment work is a core building block within The Vital Life’s wellness coaching.

Reducing Stress & Cultivating Vitality?

Stress has a high percentage to affect your everyday life and wellbeing, a large component of The Vital Life’s Wellness Coaching is to reduce your stress output, create better coping mechanisms, identify where your stressors are coming from, and lead you into a state of vitality over stress. Using scientific backed based methods, we will achieve to bring you back into balance.

Mindfulness & Awareness

Mindfulness and Awareness work comes down to being in the present moment. We have been programmed to live a fast paced life, not be in the moment. With tools and techniques, Allira will bring you into a more attuned state of awareness through practices and techniques to live moment by moment. 

What holistic practices or products are available to me?

Everything heals. Your heart heals. Your mind heals. Wounds will heal. Your soul repairs itself. Your happiness will always come back. But sometimes we just need a guide to get there a little easier….

Amethyst Gua Sha
Yoga Mats

Eco- Friendly suede top finish yoga mat.

Take yourself on a journey with our beautiful bombay yoga mat.
Dreamy mint and grey tones, with the om symbol for wholeness, perfection and infinite.

Perfect for practice or meditation. Designed and manifested in India

Eco-Friendly made from natural rubber 3mm thickness.

Stress Less Oils

My Approach

I have a strong passion for psychology & psychotherapy primarily focusing on PTSD and Trauma Release. I have a mission to help people, whether it’s through alternative therapies, alignment work, connection, bringing back vitality or incorporating alternative modalities. My purpose is to help individuals heal, move through discomforts and connect with their body, create awareness and live a more fulfilled life. 

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3 Month Energy Loving Package

3 months of Energetic Healings. Taking you on a deep dive with Seichim Reiki + Theta Healing. 

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A 4 month intensive capsule, taking you on a journey back to yourself. Re-igniting the fire within you. A deep transformative reclamation of who you came here to be.



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