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Touch E Book

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A guide for a woman who is seeking fire, passion, desire and exploration.

For change there has to be change.

Let this be your light, your beacon back to your intimate self.

A in-depth guide covering rituals, practices, touch and essential oils for yourself and in the bedroom. A look into specific oils to bring spice back into your life.

We recommend purchasing the “Sensual Oils Pack” available in the shop section.

This book is based on the oils within the sensual oils pack.

Note – Your TOUCH e book will be emailed to you with purchase.Use coupon FREEPOSTAGE to exclude postage on checkout.

3 reviews for Touch E Book

  1. Christina

    I love it! I love the simply rituals and how easy they are to implement into your daily routine. I also really like how you’ve broken down the individual oils in the passion touch and explained how they work with your body.

    I can really feel how much you’ve poured into this ebook, I’m so happy that I bought it and I can’t wait to implement these rituals and start feeling more in tune with myself

    Thank you ????

  2. Tiahn

    Loved this book, I wish there was more! After purchasing the sensual oil kit it’s amazing to know more about the oils, what’s in them and how to really get the most from there in all aspects of life! Can’t wait for the next book from this beautiful lady xx

  3. Carly

    Thank you so much for writing this and sharing your valuable knowledge and passion for self love and embracing our own sexual energy! The rituals that I have adopted after reading this e-book have literally transformed my day…as I ensure I practice self-love every single morning…be it the mindful application of oils or a more physical approach 😉 I am much more connected within myself each day and although life as a mum, student and wife is busy, I feel more grounded in general…which is of course reflected in the world around me. My hubby has benefited too! (hot tip: essential oils in the bedroom and being more connected with self are a game changer)

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